Solve Low Water Pressure with a Constant Pressure System


For many homeowners, having constant water pressure might not seem crucial, that is, until their pressure drops off when they need it most. Using a private well is a great source for water that’s reliable but low water pressure can be an irritating problem. Constant pressure systems installed by Pacific Pump are a great solution.

If you use well water, you’ve probably discovered the more water you need, the less water pressure you have. Constant pressure means you will always get what you need when the tap is open – even if the sprinklers are on and someone else is pressure washing the car.


How the Standard System Works

The standard system operates with a pressure switch that generally is set with about a 20 psi differential. For example, if it was set at 40- 60. The pressure switch would turn on the pump when the pressure goes below 40 and turn off the pump when it gets above 60.


How the Constant Pressure System Works

Constant pressure systems operate with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) The VFD is like a computer that gently speeds up and slows down your water pump as necessary to maintain constant and continuous pressure. You can even set your constant pressure system to mirror city water pressure – delivering all the benefits of private well water with the reliability of city water.


More Information and Benefits of the Constant Pressure System

A constant pressure system will change the speed of your water pump to meet an increasing or decreasing demand for water. The pump then gently shuts off, instead of abruptly turning on and off like a conventional standard system. The drives within a constant pressure system have a built-in sleep mode that slowly and softly starts and stops your pump and motor. This reduces the intense torque associated with conventional systems, lessening the wear and tear that can often lead to pump and motor malfunctioning and failure.
This system also protects against dry run, which occurs when a standard pump runs with insufficient water passing the motor. By eliminating dry run, your pump motor won’t overheat and will never need to be repaired due to components melting. Additionally, because of the way a constant pressure system works, you can have a smaller pressure tank with a drastically reduced footprint.

Constant Pressure pumps are high-performance units designed to provide constant pressure according to household needs. They deliver reliable constant pressure in domestic water supply, irrigation, pressure boosting, and water transfer applications. Even when the needs change, the system adjusts its performance to meet the demand. A constant pressure system does what you want when you want, water pressure is maintained even if your family is showering, washing the car and watering the lawn at the same time.  In addition, constant pressure pumps are offered in a variety of performance ranges and are equipped with built-in pump protection (dry run, overload, over-temperature, over/under voltage), soft start, and starting torque competitive with three-wire motors.

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