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Need professionals you can rely on to help you keep your water well pump in top operating condition? Not getting the performance you want with your current well pump?

At Pacific Pump, we sell, install, and service most major pump brands. From traditional pump systems to constant pressure pumps you can rely on us to keep your well water flowing. Our submersible pumps come with a 5-year warranty.

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Types of Pumps We Service

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Constant Pressure Pumps

The Constant Pressure Pump operates using a variable speed motor that is built into the unit that allows the pump to speed up or slow down to match your water use demands. Thus, when your water needs change, the Constant Pressure Pump will run faster, and when less water is used, it will run slower. Benefits of this pump include:

  • More energy efficient than a conventional pump system
  • Have better water pressure for household use
  • Have better lawn irrigation pressure
  • Uses a smaller tank that takes up less space and costs less
  • Multiple built-in features to prevent any damage to your pump
  • Push-button pressure selection for easy use


Conventional Pump Systems

The Conventional Pump System is controlled by a pressure switch, turning the unit on when a certain pressure level is reached and likewise, shutting it off once it gets to the necessary set level.  Benefits of this pump include:

  • Overall length of the pumping cycles are determined by the varying size of the pressure tank that is used with this pump
  • The pump is not running while you are consuming water from pressure tank

Booster Pumps

A Booster Pump can increase the water pressure in your entire water system and all the appliances that are connected to it. There is a wide range of Booster Pumps to choose from to meet different needs.

Irrigation Pumps

We can help you select the right irrigation pump and equipment for your needs and then install and maintain the system to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Pacific Pump Water Well

Bison Hand Pump

Bison Pumps offers shallow and deep well hand pumps, which work alongside most electric pumps. Made from potable water approved (NSF61) materials, they can reach depths of 300′ with (4) cylinder sizes ranging from 1 1/2″ to 3″. Bison Pumps are the highest quality hand pump in the market.

The design is thoughtfully done, carefully considering the functionality as well as aesthetics. The watertight seal on the casing is unique. The ergonomic design of the handle is appealing and easy to use. The entire pump is constructed of stainless steel, including the bolts and the down-the-well lift rods. Bison Pumps may be used to pressurize tanks or to pump uphill.

All the Bison hand pumps come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. At Pacific Pump, you will find the sales staff helpful and friendly and the technical support staff able to answer questions and customize a hand pump to fit your application. Pacific Pump is an authorized dealer of Bison Pump.

Our Services Include:

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