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Pacific Pump Water Well

Your One-Stop Solution for High-Quality Pressure Tanks

A pressure tank works with your well pump to maintain water pressure.   A pressure tank works to keep well water available at all times, even between pump cycles. It will also prevent rapid cycling of the pump motor, helping to prolong the life of your pump.

At Pacific Pump Company, we offer a wide selection of pumps and tanks to choose from.  Call us at 541-479-8955 and let us help you select the right pressure tank for your water system.

Pressure Tank Services

  • Air charging pressure tanks
  • Pressure tank installation
  • Pressure tank replacement

Our pressured tanks come with a 5-year warranty.

Pacific Pump Water Well

Water Softener and Conditioning Systems

Your water should be crystal clear and free from chemicals, odors, bad tastes, and hardness. However, water quality varies from home to home, and there are many common water problems that can cause your water to appear cloudy, have a bad smell or taste, stain and water-spot fixtures, or shorten the life of your pipes and appliances.

In order to install the proper filtration for your home, proper water testing is required. We offer a FREE water test that will help determine the right unit for your water problems.

No matter what kind of water problems you’re experiencing, Pacific Pump can offer solutions. We've been doing it successfully for more than 25 years. See what our customers have to say!

Pacific Pump Water Well

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