Low Producing Well? Install a Water Holding Tank System

Holding Tank

A homeowner would typically like to have a well that produces 5 gallons per minute or more. A well that produces less than 5 gallons per minute may not be enough to serve the average household’s water demands. There are really only two options for a low producing well. The first option would be to contact a local well drilling company to explore drilling a replacement well or deepening the existing well. The second option is to install a water holding tank system. With an adequate storage tank, a well producing as little as one gallon per minute can be sufficient for your domestic water needs.

A water holding tank system works by having a large reservoir tank installed.  These holding tanks can range from 300 gallons up to 5,000 gallons. In some situations, we can manifold tanks together to increase the amount of storage available. We install two types of tanks; poly tanks that can be installed above ground or concrete tanks that are installed below ground. Individual home owner needs are different so the size of tank you should install will depend on your household demands. We can help you select what tank would be best for your situation and water use.

Once the tank has been installed we fill the tank at a slow rate from the low producing well creating enough of a reservoir that there is an adequate supply on hand for high water demands from household or irrigation use. A pump is then installed at the tank to deliver the water from the holding tank to the point of use. For additional protection we also install a pump monitor designed to protect the pump in the holding tank and the pump in the well in the case that either run out of water.

Let us help you with your low producing well by installing a holding tank so you can keep up with your household water demands. For a free estimate contact Pacific Pump.