How to extend the life of your pump

PumpTec Pump Protection System

To extend the life of your well pump and protect your investment, we highly recommend the installation of a Franklin Pumptec or Littelfuse PumpSaver. These devices monitor submersible pump motors 24 hours a day to ensure that if there is a voltage problem, current, or dry-run problem and a variety of other fault conditions that could cause damage to your pump, it will be turned off.

How Pump Protective Devices Work

A calibration adjustment allows the device to be calibrated to your specific pumping applications and reduces the possibility of false or nuisance tripping. In addition, a unique microcontroller-based voltage and current-sensing circuit constantly monitors the incoming power for fluctuations, overcurrent, and undercurrent. When an abnormality occurs, such as loss of suction, the device deactivates its output relay and directly disconnects the pump motor. The relay then begins its user-selectable restart delay (dry-well recovery) timer. When the timer counts to zero or power is removed and reapplied, the relay reactivates its output relay and turns the pump back on

These protective devices have been exclusively designed to help extend the life of submersible pump motors. They monitor and diagnose motor load to prevent pump or motor failure due to conditions such as low-flow wells, pump damage, clogging, bound pump, or power mishaps.

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