Cold temperatures are coming


Winter is around the corner and it is important to winterize your water well system to prevent it from freezing.

A frozen water pump causes more than the inconvenience of losing water for a while. It can also mean burst pipes, cracked water pumps, and flooding once the frozen pipes warm up again.

Smaller pipes will freeze first; therefore the 1/4 inch line to the pressure switch, which turns the pump on and off will be the first to freeze. A frozen pressure switch will prevent your pump to start. A small heat source, like a heat lamp or heater directed at the pressure switch will usually defrost the pressure switch. Please remember that heat sources should be used cautiously as overheated materials can ignite and start a fire. Always follow manufacture’s instructions.

Above-ground pumps should have a well-built house over them to protect the pump from the elements. It is important to have some heat source in the pump house and it should be insulated. If the pump is in the garage make sure it is heated and insulated from the cold.

To prevent frozen pipes you should cover them with foam insulation sleeves. These specifically designed insulation sleeves can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Contact Pacific Pump to learn more about your options for preventing winter well problems, and what you can do if a situation does occur.